Pictures and storytelling are my passion and my profession. I work for both advertising agencies, magazines, newspapers and different kind of companies. I do not only take still images but do filming, too. During the past couple of years I made different kinds of documentaries and commercials for tv and other clients.

But my heart belongs to a very special kind of photography that is as modern today as it was 150 years ago: Wet Plate Collodion. I just love this kind technique that is both simple and very advanced at the same time.

My clients are besides others: Liljedal Communication, NPP Reklam, Eight McCann, Lowe Friends kph, Strateg, Think Happy Thoughts, Atlas Copco, Allers förlag, OTW, TeliaSonera, Bombardier Transportation GmbH.

But I do a lot of work with my own projects. I did travel with swedish legendary singer Monica Zetterlund on her last tour and have followed theatre groups – which resulted in different exhibitions and books.

My work was exhibited at Stockholms Konserthus, Malmö Konsthall, Kulturen i Lund, Örebro Länsmuseum and a number of other places.

And you can find some of my work at Nationalmuseum, Svenska Statens Porträttsamling at Gripsholm Castle.

Take a look at my work, enjoy and feel welcome to contact me any time if you have questions!





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